Our Coal Boat service delivers coal and any of our other products direct to your boat.


Please give us a call on 01225 710017 or 07790 017418 to place an order or use the  booking form below to order the items you require.

Please note orders must be placed by
the day before the scheduled coal boat run.


All dates subject to ice, stoppages
and water levels.

Dates and Directions of Coal Boat

Summer 2019

Trowbridge to Bath   Trowbridge to Wotton Rivers
16 - 17 May   20 - 24 June
13 - 14 June   29 August - 2 September
25 - 28 July*    
5 - 8 Sep*    
26 - 28 Sep    
*and River    

 Coal Prices Delivered by boat and marina boats by truck until 1/02/2019


Smokeless Coal 20kg Bags Cost
Homefire Ovals 20kg £10.35
Taybrite 20kg £9.40
Supatherm 20kg £8.65
Excel 20kg £9.05
Anthracite Small Nuts 20kg £8.25
Non Smokeless Coal 20kg Bags Cost
Stoveglow 20kg £7.40
Wildfire 20kg £7.80
House Coal Doubles 20kg £6.05
Other Items Cost
Logs £4.00
Bio Bric £4.00
Kindling £4.00
Grease £4.74
Engine Oil (5 litre bottles) £15.10
Antifreeze (5 litres bottles) £13.60
Gas 13kg £31.00
Oderlos £11.40
Toilet Blue £8.58
Toilet Green £10.75
Elsan Pink £6.55

Diesel Price

72p  per Ltr Yard

72p per Ltr Boat



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Special Offers

Dry Docking

Victoria Dock



We are offering affordable blacking

Upto 40 Feet £450

Upto 60 Feet £550

Over 60 feet £650

This price includes VAT

3 full days in the dock giving plenty of drying time.

Hull preperation and 2 coats of Rylards Rytex

and us doing the work at these prices why get your hands dirty!!

Fuel Polishing

Fuel Polishing Now avalible at The Boatyard

Our system will pump out the contents of your fuel tank. It removes water and particles in the fuel to 25 micron. Returning clean fuel back to your tank.

Removing the water helps reduce the risk of developing the diesel bug, contaminating your fuel & filters helping to reduce the chance of breakdowns.

Only £90.00 inc VAT

Call 01225 710017 To book this service