Booking Terms and Conditions.

1. Hire Fee.

The Hire Fee is the payment due to The Boatyard for the use of the boat and its inventory of equipment during the Hire Period. The fee includes diesel fuel and liquid propane gas used by the boat during the Hire Period. The boat will be supplied to the Hirer with a full tank of water.

2. Booking arrangements.

The Full hire fee is payable at time of booking.

3. Deposit.

A £250 deposit is payable on the hire day. This is returned in full providing the boat and its inventory is returned undamaged and at the agreed time at The Boatyard

4. Cancellation.

No refund will be given in the case of cancellation of any booking within 28 days of the hire period. However, the booking may be rescheduled at the The Boatyard's discretion, subject to availability.

In the event that The Boatyard cancels the booking prior to the start of the Hire Period a full refund will be made but The Boatyard will have no further obligations to the Hirer and is not responsible for any consequential losses incurred by the Hirer. The Boatyard will not cancel the Hire unless it is forced to do so by circumstances outside its control such circumstances include but are not limited to: mechanical breakdown, non-return of the boat by previous Hirers, damage to the boat making it unusable, flood, lack of water, canal closure or restrictions, ice and force majeure.

5. Hire Period

Day hire is from 9.00 till 17.00 or dusk whichever is sooner. The hire period will include the skipper training.

6. Hirer

The Hirer shall be the person or persons named on the Hire Agreement and must be over 21. All adults onboard must sign the Hire Agreement and are jointly and severally responsible for the performance of the Hire Agreement. The names and addresses of all persons onboard during the Hire Period must be noted on the Hire Agreement and no other passengers may be carried during the Hire Period. Carrying of passengers other than those stated in the Hire Agreement will invalidate the boats insurance and if this happens The Boatyard reserves the right to take immediate possession of the boat and no refund will be given.

The Boatyard may cancel any booking and refuse to handover the boat if in The Boatyards' opinion the Hirer is not able to take charge of the boat due to ill health or infirmity or if the Hirer is unable to demonstrate a reasonable level of competence in controlling the boat following The Boatyards' standard handover procedure. A full refund will be given to the Hirer if The Boatyard cancels the Hire Agreement for this reason and the Agreement shall be discharged without further liability on either the Hirer or The Boatyard.

7. Lead-hirer

Any group or family hiring a boat from The Boatyard must nominate a Lead-Hirer. The Lead-Hirer will be the person with whom all official communication regarding the Hire will be conducted by The Boatyard and the Lead-Hirer will be the boat's skipper for the duration of the Hire and will be responsible for the safe operation of the boat and for the security and safety of the boat its systems the other Hirers onboard and where appropriate other waterways users and their boats.

8. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed onboard.

9. Safety and Training

The canal system is 200 years old and there are inherent dangers in its use and in the use of any boat. The Lead-Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all adults onboard have read the "Boaters Handbook" a copy of which will be available onboard the boat.

A full safety brief and demonstration of the boat's systems and tuition in basic boat handling will be provided by The Boatyard at the start of the Hire. All Hirers must attend. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that they comply with all instructions given by The Boatyard. The Hirer must also comply with all Canal & River Trust (CRT) regulations and instructions given by CRT staff.

A folder containing operating instructions for the boat and its systems will be onboard the boat and it is the Lead-Hirer's responsibility to familiarise themselves with its contents before the boat is moved from its mooring.

Life-jackets or buoyancy aids will be issued to all onboard and recommends that these are worn by all Hirers at all times whilst the boat is underway and whilst working on or walking around locks rivers weirs or other deep water.

10. Late return or non-return of the boat at the end of the Hire Period.

In the event that the boat is returned later than the return time on the Hire Agreement the Hirer shall pay to The Boatyard a fee of thirty pounds for each half hour that the boat is late. In the event that the boat is left somewhere other than The Boatyard the Hirer shall pay to The Boatyard a fee of thirty Six pounds per hour for the time taken by The Boatyard to recover the boat to its mooring.

11. Alcohol and drugs

It is illegal to operate a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the Hirer agrees that nobody with a blood alcohol level greater than that which is the current limit for driving a car shall control the boat or be in charge of the boat at any time.

The Boatyard reserves the right not to handover the boat in the event that any member of the Hirer's party appears to be drunk or under the influence of drugs during the handover process.

The Boatyard may recover the boat from the Hirer and cancel the Hire Agreement in the event that it becomes apparent in The Boatyard' opinion that the boat is being operated under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

No refund of any monies paid to The Boatyard will be due to the Hirer in the event that the boat is recovered from the Hirer by The Boatyard under these circumstances.

12. Security

The Hirer agrees to keep the boat locked when nobody is onboard. The Hirer is responsible for returning the boat to The Boatyard undamaged complete with all the items listed in the inventory and for notifying The Boatyard as soon as it becomes apparent that any item of the boats inventory has been lost damaged or stolen. The Hirer shall pay The Boatyard the replacement cost of any missing items plus The Boatyard reasonable expenses incurred in acquiring any missing items.

13. Damage.

The Hirer is responsible for returning the boat to The Boatyard undamaged and in a clean condition complete with the inventory of equipment Issued at the start of the Hire Period.

14. Boat's Systems and controls.

The Hirer shall not alter adjust or otherwise interfere with any of the boats gas systems or electrical or mechanical or control systems.

15. Breakdowns.

In the event of any breakdown or failure of the boat's equipment the Hirer shall contact The Boatyard on 01225 710017

The Hirer understands that boats are complicated pieces of equipment relying on many factors to enable them to continue operating. Whilst The Boatyard will make reasonable efforts to ensure the reliability of the boat and will repair any breakdown as soon as it is able to do so the Hirer understands that The Boatyard is not responsible for the loss of any cruising time whilst repairs are being completed and the Hirer shall have no claim on The Boatyard in respect of any breakdown or the failure of any equipment onboard or for any delays caused by repairs to the boat.

The Hirer(s) shall not attempt any repairs themselves or authorise any repairs by a third party without The Boatyard' prior approval.

16. Emergencies

It is the Hirers responsibility to keep track of their whereabouts such that any of the emergency services summoned via a "999" call can be directed to the boat without delay.

17. Accidents

The Lead-Hirer is in charge of the boat and is responsible for its safe navigation and return to The Boatyard complete with its inventory and equipment. In the event of an accident involving a third party the Lead-Hirer must obtain full names and addresses and contact details for all persons involved and also the boat names and official numbers of any boats involved. It is a requirement of The Boatyard' insurance that the Hirer must not admit nor allow anyone aboard the boat to admit any liability. The Hirer indemnifies The Boatyard against any loss claim liability or expenses incurred by The Boatyard as a result of the Hirer acting or failing to act in a manner which prejudices or invalidates The Boatyard insurance cover. The Boatyard's insurance does not cover personal accidents or loss or damage to personal effects so hirers and crew are advised to take out their own personal insurance cover.

18. Speed.

The maximum cruising speed on all canals is 4 miles per hour/6 kilometres per hour - equivalent to a brisk walking pace. This speed should be reduced to about 2 miles or (3 kilometres) per hour when passing moored craft or when passing oncoming craft or if the boat is creating a wash from the bow or stern

19. Fishing

The Hirer must not allow live bait to be carried onboard the boat. No fish may be landed directly onto the boat. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that local byelaws relating to fishing activities are observed and that the Hirer has purchased any permits required for the waters in which fishing takes place.

20. Towing

The Hirer agrees not to use the boat to tow another vessel or to be towed by any vessel except under professional guidance in the event of an emergency.

21. Hirer's personal belongings.

The Hirer agrees that all personal belongings brought by them and used or stored upon the boat are used and stored at the Hirer's risk and the Hirer understands that personal belongings are not covered by The Boatyard's insurance policy. The Boatyard recommends that the Hirer takes out suitable insurance from a third party to cover the loss of or damage to any valuables that the Hirer might bring to the boat. The Hirer agrees not to take nor allow to be carried on the boat any dinghy, canoe, inflatable, bicycle, barbecue, portable heater, gas cylinder, vehicle, television equipment or any other 240volt electrical equipment other than razors, inflammable liquids or substances, lead-acid batteries, firearms or any other dangerous or hazardous

22. Car Parking.

Free Car parking is provided at The Boatyard. The Boatyard cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any vehicles while parked on its property.

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