Traditional rope fenders, made by ourselves, in either natural sisal or black polypropelyne.

Specials can be made to order

Delivery can be arranged

zside fenders Standard side fender 18"X4" (black) £14.00
zthinsidefender Thin side fender 24"X3" (black) £13.00
zshortbuttons Short button fender (black) £75.40
zong button on stern Long button fender (black) £98.00
zvee bow 1 Vee bow fender(black) £98.00
zbutton with arms Button fender with arms (black)


z2 tipcats with a short button Traditional tipcat from: £110.00
rope2 30ft mooring rope 12mm (black or white) £13.50
rope2 30ft mooring rope 16mm (blackor blue) £18.00
rope2 Fender Lines (black or white) £2.50
zturks head knot around fender Turks head decorative knot around fender £6.00

stick middle

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